Third Generation or 3G pitches as they are known, represent a new development in synthetic turf. The pitch itself is a Desso Soccer grass TD60 and it looks like natural grass with similar playing characteristics, non-abrasive and can be used with rubber studs. The open structure gives a firmer grip and provides for better ball control. Pushing off, running, stopping or tackling are all possible without additional risk of injury. This thanks to the mix of quartz sand and rubber granules layered into the pitch, which provide effective protection and added shock absorption.

The floodlights and all weather capabilities of the pitch will make it ideal for 5 a-side football and training it even provides a good surface for rugby.

The durability of the surface means that it can be played on constantly as the surface does not require recovery time. It really comes into its own in wet weather providing a constant surface whatever the weather.

It is not just wet weather the pitch in beneficial for, in summer grass pitches harden which increases the risk.

3G Football Pitch Bookings

  1. Only residents of Woodland Glade can book the pitch up to 7 days in advance.
  2. All bookings must be made through purchase of a ticket from the ticket machine (in reception area £1.00) and entry on booking sheet.
  3. Residents can bring along two guests per resident to make up numbers.
  4. Non residents must pay Guest fee and any other fee applicable to booking / event.
  5. Bookings are for 1 hour sessions.
  6. Footballs should be obtained from the centre for a deposit of 2 resident cards or a payment of £20 (Refundable). NB: Other equipment is available for hire as required for a similar deposit
  7. Correct astro turf footwear must be worn (No football boots with studs). 
  8. The football must not go above head height.
  9. Parents must supervise any resident booking for under 14s
  10. Any misuse of the facility will result in exclusion. 
  11. Coloured bibs must be worn to indicate players have registered for each session and any fee applicable paid) Bibs will be available from Activities Coordinator or Duty Manager


It is anticipated that the pitch will be used for a variety of activities/classes to be arranged by the Activities Coordinator and run at various times. These times will be blocked out on the Booking Sheet located at the centre. Activities planned will be published on the Centre notice board, the website and in Centre scene. Times and classes will vary according to demand.

All classes other than Non Resident Bookings (at the discretion of the Centre Management) will be Resident plus guests. 


Booking Fees

Day Time.

Junior Resident (Under 16) – Free Play time

Junior Residents will be allowed Free Play time during School holidays between 10am and 12 noon & 2pm and 5pm (unless the pitch has been pre-booked for an organised event). Outside school holidays Free Play will be available between 4pm - 6pm Mon- Friday & 10am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. (Unless the Pitch has been pre-booked as mentioned above). 

Guests of junior members will be charged the appropriate Guest Fee.

All participants must sign in before using the facility.

A coloured bib will be issued to indicate they have registered for the session, which must be returned after use.

Day Time Booking Fees

  • Junior Resident -   £1.00 booking fee. ---- (Min number of players 6)
  • Adult Resident -     £1.00 booking fee ----- (Min number of players 6)
  • Junior Guest --       Guest Fee
  • Adult Guest -          Guest Fee

Evening  (after 6pm or Floodlight)

  • Adult Resident -     £1.00 booking fee. (Min number of players 6)
  • Additional Floodlight Fee £3 per Hour (If required)
  • Adult Guest -          Guest Fee

Woodland Glade

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