Lauren Tomes

Lauren Tomes

I have lived on Woodland Glade since 2011 with my Husband and children, however more people may know our dog, Alan!


I work full time as an Executive Assistant and Head of Recruitment and in my spare time, when I’m not being a taxi driver for my children, I enjoy horse riding, running, raising money for Overgate Hospice and attending the events organised by the club with my family.

One of the first things that attracted us to Woodland Glade is that it seemed like a wonderful neighbourhood to raise children with a fantastic sense of community and we soon realised that was the case. Over the last year I have increasingly felt I would like to become more involved in the running of the centre. I feel we are lucky to have the facilities we have available and volunteers to help to maintain them and I would like the opportunity to give something back whilst introducing fresh ideas and new strengths to the board.

I have a particular interest in the entertainments side of the running, both family and adult only events, and I hope that my meticulous planning could be put to good use in that area as well as alleviate some of the day to day administrative pressures from the existing board.

I am diplomatic, trustworthy and approachable and I thrive on being busy, all of which I hope are qualities which would make me an asset to the board and allow me to represent all residents on Woodland Glade, including those currently underrepresented.