Brad Tupman

Brad Tupman

My Name is Brad Tupman and I have lived on Woodland Glade for 2 years with my wife Abi and 3 wonderful children William, George and Violet. I would like to be considered for the
role of director at Woodland Glade.

Originally from Saddleworth, I have run a manufacturing business for 12 years, buying it in 2010. The business I run is in sign making and we operate nationally.

I was Captain of Huddersfield Golf Club (Fixby) in 2018/19 a role which I thoroughly enjoyed doing, not least in meeting the members and listening to their views and indeed acting on them. I wouldn't imagine being a director at Woodland Glade to be any different.

Having grown up in Oldham, a once proud town that had lost its way and the people left there no longer cared about it I was struck when we first moved here at a collection of 284 houses that formed a self sufficient community. I think we as residents are aware we live in a lovely area and want to keep it that way, this is my view entirely, you have to look after where you live and be proud of it. The responsibility of the board is to do this as well and is something I would love to help with if voted in as a director.

I look forward to meeting those of you I have not already

Brad Tupman

Woodland Glade

62 The Green



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