Keith Hunter

Keith Hunter

Has lived on Woodland Glade since 1997.  Originally on The Muirlands and for the past 5 years as a resident of Sickleholme Court. 

He believes that Woodland Glade is a fantastic community and really enjoys living here with his wife Kirsten and daughter Abigail.  They make good use of the facilities and most days at least one of the family will be found in the pool, playing tennis, 5 a-side football or taking part in the Zumba classes. Anyone who has bought a burger, hotdog or kebab at one of the events over the past 3 or 4 years will recognise Keith because he can regularly be found volunteering on the barbecue.  

He works as an analyst in the Department for Business Innovation and Skills and also brings much experience from other voluntary roles.  For the past 6 years he has been a Governor at Woodhouse Primary School and Chaired the Premises Committee when 2 new classrooms were built and major improvements were made to the toilets, kitchen and swimming pool.  He feels that this will be useful experience now that the Leisure Centre facilities are over 20 years old and decisions about maintenance, repair or replacement need to be made.

Woodland Glade

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