Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I talk to about room hire? 
The General Manager at the Centre is the contact for room hire and funerals. 
Can I book the centre for Children's Party
Yes, contact the General Manager at the centre office or call on 01484 420383 for arrangements and availability.

How much does the centre cost for room hire

We have a number of rooms available, all at competitive prices

How much are my membership fees

Woodland Glade Sports Management Company Ltd will issue an invoice when notification is received from the solicitors that you have purchased the property. Thereafter an invoice for fees will be issued in September each year.

I want to join the Yoga / Zumba / Swimming classes who should I contact?

  • Yoga 6.00  - 7.00 pm run by Angela 07930143252 further details on notice board

  • Aerobics class has Monday 11.30  - 12.15pm cost £2.50 Call Angela 07930143252

  • Zumba Classes With Rebecca  See notices or visit THIS LINK

  • Swimming lessons Marisa 07748155017 or Ruth on ......

The new pitch is great how can I book it and how much is it for an hour

See booking details under 3G pitch LINK HERE

I am thinking of renting out my property, do I need to let the centre know

YES. If you rent your property you must contact us and let us have a copy of your lease agreement so that we can change your access card to the new tenants.

If the property is rented who is responsible for the fees

This is something you need to be very clear about in your rental agreement as property owner you are ultimately responsible and any outstanding fees will be collected on sale of the property by our solicitors. 

How do I pay

The invoice will explain the payment options.
Basically payment by Direct Debit or payment for the whole year in advance are the preferred and less expensive options for you and WGSMC Ltd
Direct Debit authorisation forms are available at the Leisure Centre.

Monthly payment by cash, cheque or standing order are also possible but these methods will result in extra charges.

Is there a reference policy for members that break the rules?
Disciplinary policy for Residents  
This policy sets out a framework of offence classification measured against the number of occasions a member has had to be disciplined to provide objective guidance on the length of any suspension from the facilities.   Offence Classification Offences can be classified in one of four categories:  
Minor - Offences include breaches of rules, such as being found in the Gym while under age of 18 or with a guest present.
Intermediate - Offences include verbal insults aimed at staff or other residents, possibly threatening violence but with no violence involved.
Major - Offences include initiating a violence towards another resident or member of staff.
Criminal - An offence that includes criminal activity, whether pursued by police or not.  
The above classification is intended to give an indication of the type of offence, and is not an exhaustive list of offences under each category.
The indicative action to be taken against an offender is based on the number of previous offences, if any, and the classification of the offence committed.
The indicative action for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th offences for the different classifications are bans from the Centre's facilities of:
Minor - 1. warning letter; 2. 1 week to 1 month; 3. 1 month to 3 months; 4. 3 months to 6 months; 5. 6 months to 2 years
Intermediate - 1. 1 week to 1 month; 2. 1 month to 3 months; 3. 3 months to 6 months; 4. 6 months to 2 years; 5. 2 years to sine die
Major - 1. 1 month to 3 months; 2. 3 month to 6 months; 3. 6 months to 2 years; 4. 2 years to sine die; 5.  sine die
Criminal - 1. 6 months to 2 years; 3. 2. 2 years to sine die; 3. sine die; 4. sine die; 5. sine die
The above provides an indication of the length of suspension a resident can expect for transgressions.  The Board retain the flexibility to go outside of these indicative guidelines for exceptional circumstances.

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