29th July 2020.


  1. Throughout these rules the term Member includes the
    member of the Woodland Glade Sports Management
    Company Limited as defined in the Articles of Association
    (in the case of Rental Property the Principle Tenant) and if
    applicable their Partner together with members of their
    immediate family residing at their address.
  2. The term Premises shall include the Leisure Centre, tennis
    court, 3G pitch, pavilion, car park and immediate
    surrounding landscaped areas.
  3. The Board of Directors is the Board of the Woodland Glade
    Sports Management Company Limited.
  4. The term Manager shall mean the Duty Manager.
  5. A Junior Member is any Member who is between 10 years
    and 18 years old.
  6. A Child Member is any Member under the age 10.


1. The Premises shall be open to Members on such days and at
such times as the Board of Directors shall from time to time
determine, notices of which shall be exhibited in a prominent place within the Premises.

2. If a Member rents their property to a tenant, and the tenant
uses the facilities at the Premises, then the member will not
be allowed to use the facilities.

3. Bar facilities shall be provided during such periods of time
as the Board of Directors shall decide consistent with the
requirements of the Club’s Liquor Licence.

4. The times at which all or any of the facilities of the Premises
will be available to Members during opening hours shall he
at the discretion of the Manager and any or all the facilities
may be closed at any time for the purposes of cleaning,
decorating or repairing.

5. An adult Member may invite up to two adult guests and
their children at any one time and shall require the guests
to sign the Visitors Book placed for that purpose in the
entrance hall and pay the appropriate guest fee before
using any of the Leisure Centre’s facilities.

6. Junior and Child Members are not allowed to sign in guests.
If they wish to invite guests into the Leisure Centre then
their parent or guardian must sign the guests in and accept
full responsibility for the guest, in accordance with these

7. The Manager shall have the right in absolute discretion
without giving any reason for doing so to refuse entrance to
or eject any guest whose presence is considered
undesirable in the interests of Members.

8. All guests using the Bar facilities only must be signed in by a
Member, even though no fee is payable. The member must
stay with their guests for the duration of their stay.

9. Guests attending special functions or organised activities
(including theme days, swimming lessons, football coaching
sessions, Zumba classes) can use the Bar facilities at the
discretion of the Duty Manager, without being signed in by
a Member. They may only use the Bar facilities for the
duration of the function/activity they are attending.

10. Members are requested to ensure that these Rules are
brought to the attention of any guests they introduce and
that they and their guests observe the Rules and behave in
a manner which does not cause any unreasonable offence,
annoyance or disturbance to Members and shall be
responsible for any damage occasioned to the Premises or
any apparatus or equipment therein by themselves or their

11. Members and their guests are advised in the interests of
Security not to leave any money or valuables on the
Premises. The Management does not accept any
responsibility for loss or damage to any Member/guest’s

12. By their membership Members agree to accept and be
bound by the rules of the Leisure Centre from time to time
in force save that the Board of Directors reserve the right to
change or add to the rules as occasions may require when
notice of such variations shall be given to Members by
notice exhibited upon the Premises notice board, via the
website or newsletter.

13. Any dispute or differences which may arise in regard to the
interpretation of these Rules shall be determined by the
Board of Directors whose decision shall be final and binding
upon all Members.

14. Sports and Games should only take place in the designated
areas provided.

15. Members and their guests shall comply with all necessary
instructions of the Manager in relation to any matters not
specifically provided for herein and in particular in relation
to the uses of any of the facilities provided upon the

16. The Manager shall be entitled to charge and be paid at the
time of use or booking such reasonable charge for the use
of any of the facilities of the Club as the Board of Directors
shall from time to time decide.

17. Members and their guests shall observe at all times the
requirement and restrictions of the Liquor Licence for the
Premises and in particular alcoholic drinks must not be
consumed on the Premises outside the designated Licenced
Bar area and designated patio area. No alcoholic drink may
be brought onto the Premises by anyone.

18. The taking of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.

19. Child Members must be supervised by an adult whilst in the
Leisure Centre in the interests of Health and Safety.

20. Children under the age of 14 are excluded from the Lounge
Area bar after 9.30 p.m. Under special
circumstances/functions, accompanied and/or supervised
children will be allowed in the Lounge Area at the discretion
of the Manager.

21. Persons under the age of 18 shall not be permitted to
purchase any alcoholic drinks on the Premises and no
Member or guest shall purchase any alcoholic drinks for the
consumption by any person under the age of 18. The
Manager reserves the right to require proof of age at the
time and to refuse service of alcoholic drinks where in the
absolute discretion it shall be decided that satisfactory
evidence has not been produced.

22. All persons using the Premises are advised not to undertake
any physical activity for which they may be medically unfit
and the Company will not in any way be responsible for any
harm which may occur as a result of any person undertaking
physical activity.

23. The use of the gym is restricted to Members only who live on Woodland Glade Estate. Only
Members who have attended an induction session may use the gym.

24. A gym alarm button is available and must only be used to
summon help in an emergency.

25. Members aged 16 and over may use the gym. 

26. Any person who suffers an accident on the Premises must
report the accident and circumstances under which it
occurred to the Manager immediately and record details in
the accident book in Reception as soon as possible after the

27. Members are requested to report any hazards or potential
threats to the safety of Members or otherwise to the

28. Members and should wear a form of dress appropriate to
the sport or other activity in which they are participating
and with regard to the time of day and place on all

29. Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs may not
partake in the use of the squash courts, tennis court, 3G
pitch, gym or any other of the sports or athletic facilities

30. The Board of Directors reserves the right to suspend any
Member found to be behaving in an irresponsible manner
as defined in Clause 42.

31. The Management Company shall not be liable in any way
for the loss or damage to the property of any Member or
guest or for any personal injury to or death of any member
of guest except to such extent that such loss, damage,
personal injury or death arises from any wilful neglect or
default of the Club or any of its employees or agents.

32. Any Member under medical supervision for any ailment
should consult their Physician before using these facilities.
In all instances anyone feeling unwell should immediately
cease physical activity, change, and summon help if

33. Clean footwear of the approved type must be worn in the
squash court, 3G pitch, pool area, tennis court and other
sports areas and the Manager reserves the right to refuse
the use of any such facility to any Member or guest who
shall not comply in all respects with this requirement.

34. The playing of loud music or radio equipment to the
annoyance of other Members on any part of the Premises is
not permitted.

35. Smoking is not permitted in the Leisure Centre. Smoking is
only permitted in the designated smoking area outside the

36. No clothes bags or equipment shall be left in the entrance
vestibule halls or public areas or locker rooms and any such
items shall, where possible, be stored in the lockers
provided. The Manager reserves the right to remove and
dispose of items left unattended or causing inconvenience
to other Members.

37. The Manager shall have absolute discretion in the right to
refuse access to the Premises to any who is found to be
behaving in an unacceptable or inappropriate manner.
Where this applies to Junior Members, subsequent access
may only be permitted if that person is accompanied by
his/her parent at all times.


38. Members should have due care and respect for all the
Leisure Centre’s facilities and treat the Leisure Centre with
utmost care.

39. Members should respect the staff and follow any
instructions the Manager may request.

40. Members should show consideration to other Leisure
Centre users.

41. All Members should refrain from using language likely to
upset or cause distress to other Leisure Centre users.

42. Any Member found behaving in an abusive or offensive
manner toward any member of staff, fellow Member or
guest will have their privileges of membership suspended
pending a review by a Disciplinary Committee convened by
the Board of Directors.


43. The operation of the swimming pool is at all times governed
by the requirement of the Health and Safety Executive and
local bylaws.

44. Members should be aware that the pool is unsupervised.

45. Members and guests are asked to shower before using the
swimming pool, including after using the sauna and steam

46. Outdoor shoes must not be worn in poolside areas unless
covered by the overshoes provided.

47. Persons having consumed alcohol or under the influence of
drugs must not use the swimming pool.

48. Food must not be consumed in the swimming pool area.

49. No glass objects must be taken into the swimming pool

50. Running on the poolside is strictly prohibited.

51. Diving in the swimming pool is strictly prohibited.

52. Pushing and ducking are strictly prohibited in the pool.

53. Children under 15 must be accompanied in the pool area by
an adult, who shall at all times be responsible for the
children’s safety and conduct.

54. Members must not undertake to supervise more than two
guests in the Pool Area.

55. Members’ guests under 15 must not use the swimming pool
without the Member introducing them being present in the
pool area.

56. No more than 50 persons are allowed in the swimming pool
at any one time.

57. Snorkels, lilos, beach balls or other inflatable apparatus must
not be used in the swimming pool in a manner which may
cause danger or annoyance to others.

58. Lifebelts, which are situated at the far end of the swimming
pool, are to be used for emergency only.

59. A poolside Alarm Button is available in the swimming pool
between the changing rooms and must only be used to
summon help in an emergency.

60. A telephone with direct link to emergency services and first
aid box are situated in Reception.

61. Members and guests arc strongly advised not to swim


62. Members must adhere to the current rules which are
displayed on the noticeboard.


63. Members must adhere to the current rules which are
displayed on the noticeboard.


64. Members must adhere to the current rules which are
displayed on the noticeboard.


65. Members must register their card number and email address to access the booking portal, under no circumstances no non resident must not have any access to a membership card, the booking portal is strictly for residents only. 

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