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Bums and Tums Class

Bums & Tums targets the common problem areas, incorporating a mixture of abdominal workouts, lunges, stretches and exercises for the legs, thighs, buttocks and stomach. A conditioning class focusing on reshaping the lower body. This is a low impact class, with an element of cardiovascular work and suitable for all levels of fitness.

Bums & Tums is a light hearted class which will tone and shape the targeted areas, as well as increasing stamina and cardiovascular fitness over all. Aerobic warm ups and stretch sessions at the end will also increase the flexibility of your body. The exercises are designed to tone and build strength, so over time muscle definition will become more apparent. If you want to get a flat tummy and tone your legs and bum this is a great workout and fun for you!

The classes are 45 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 7pm and 7:45pm

To notice results, Bums & Tums classes should be attended at least twice a week, and it's usually after a month when changes appear. You should wear clothes which are loose fitting and breathable.

CONTACT Sarah for further details on 546422

Bums & Tums

Woodland Glade

62 The Green



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