Woodland Management Policy - Updated 16 April 2020

1.    Under the terms of our lease with Barratt Homes Woodland Glade Sports Management Company Ltd (WGSMC) is responsible for the woodland around the estate up to the boundary line of old fence-posts in Screamer Wood, Dyson Wood and Bradley Gate Wood.  This land is in a conservation area and is covered by Tree Preservation Order (number 03/89/w1).  

2.    The Tree Preservation Order makes it an offence to prune (including overhanging branches), cut down, top, lop, uproot, wilfully damage or destroy a tree without the consent of Kirklees Metropolitan Council (KMC) – the responsible planning authority.  Contravening a TPO can result in a fine of up to £20,000 per tree.

3.    WGSMC have a duty of care to ensure that our woodlands are safe and continue to be the valuable community resource we all enjoy.  We do this through surveys by arboricultural professionals and annual inspections that inform our Woodland Management plan.  Additional inspections are carried out following adverse weather conditions where necessary.  

4.    The Management Plan identifies and risk assesses the condition of all the trees in our woods: with trees in close proximity to buildings, roads or significant footpaths receiving a higher risk rating.   We apply to KMC annually for consent to work on any trees identified in the survey or inspections as a high risk and cannot carry out any work on trees until approval has been received. 

5.    If you think that a tree is dangerous or has become dangerous following bad weather please inform the Centre Manager.  We will inspect the tree and if necessary arrange for the consent and a contractor to work on the tree.

6.    Where we have permission to prune or fell a tree, we will leave as much of the tree standing as possible to provide habitat for birds, mammals and insects.  We will protect saplings wherever possible to ensure the woods are regenerated with native species.

7.    Woodland Glade residents cannot work on the protected trees or employ someone to work on our trees without the necessary consent from KMC and permission from WGSMC. 

8.    If you wish to carry out any work on a tree for a cosmetic reason such as removing overhanging limbs or thinning a crown to allow more light into your garden then you can apply to KMC for permission to carry out such work at your own expense.

9.    If your application is successful KMC will tell you that you must have the permission of WGSMC before starting work.  All work of this nature must be carried out in accordance with British Standard BS3998:2010 by a suitably qualified and insured contractor.  We will require a copy of your consent before granting permission for a contractor to work in the woods.  We can refuse access, specify which contractor does the work or include the work within our planned schedule of work where this will minimise disturbance to wildlife or other residents.  In such circumstances you will be required to meet the cost of the work.

10.Please do not accept offers from door knockers or respond to flyers offering to do work on trees near your property.  Reputable tree surgeons know our woods are protected and that we are responsible for their management.  If you don't have permission and cannot trace who did the work near your property then you could be prosecuted for contravention of the TPO. 

11.Where trees have been pruned, lopped, damaged or where work has not been carried out in accordance with BS3998:2010 then it incurs unnecessary costs for WGSMC if the tree subsequently becomes a risk.  Where this has occurred it is unfair to expect all Dwellingholders to pay for this.  We will therefore pass on the costs for dealing with such trees to the Dwellingholder responsible for the damage.  We have an obligation to inform the Tree Officer at KMC if such damage contravenes the TPO.

12.Residents cannot move their boundary fence-line into the woods we lease.  Doing so is stealing from your fellow Dwellingholders and is a breech of the conditions of our lease with Barratt Homes.  This policy serves as notice to refute any claims for adverse possession.  Where we identify this has happened you will be asked to reinstate your original boundary.  If this does not happen WGSMC will remove fences encroaching on our land and you will be recharged our costs.  Sanctions on the use of centre facilities will be considered if those costs are not reimbursed.

13. If you see any work happening and you suspect that there is no consent please report this to the Kirklees Tree Officer on 01484 414909 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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